Criminal Defense Attorneys

Criminal Defense Attorneys


If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, you are probably feeling uncertain and frightened.  Facing the prospect of going to jail, paying fines, or having a criminal record can be disconcerting.  In order to determine your options and have a clear understanding of what you are up against, you should retain the services of a criminal defense attorney.


Criminal defense attorneys can give you valuable advice on the types of penalties you may be facing.  They will give you a best and worst case scenario as well as their opinion of the likelihood of each occurring.  This is helpful in helping you decide if you want to take any type of plea offered by the prosecuting attorney.  The attorney will also be able to tell you the repercussions of taking a plea or pleading guilty to a charge.  Some sentences will follow you throughout your life and you may find that thought more problematic than it’s worth and would rather take your chances in court.  An experienced criminal defense attorney can weigh these options and give you realistic advice on how to choose.


A criminal defense attorney will have knowledge of the climate within the prosecutor’s office and know which attorneys are more liable to accept a deal and which arguments will work.  They can negotiate with the prosecution pre-trial to try and get a reduced charge or a reduced sentence.  The attorney can also discuss the case with the prosecutor to evaluate evidence before the trial and better determine what evidence the prosecution has against you.  They can use this information to develop the strategy for the defense.


Interviewing the witnesses for the prosecution will enable the defense to have an idea as to what each witness will testify to.  This is an ideal way to catch a witness changing their story at trial.  If this is done, the witness does not hold as much credibility and may damage the prosecution’s case.  It is the prosecution’s intent to use as much information as possible to win their case.  The defense attorney will use every possible strategy to weaken their case in hopes that you will get a not guilty verdict or a lesser sentence.


There are criminal attorneys who specialize in particular types of crimes.  Some attorneys have experience in drug related crimes, others in sex crimes or violent crimes.  Choose an attorney who has experience defending against the crime you have accused of committing.  Having a defense attorney who has no experience negotiating with the prosecution on these types of criminal cases will reduce the odds of you successfully pleading your case.  However, if you have an attorney who is familiar with the prosecution and the type of case in which you are charged, you will be able to get the best deal possible without going to trial or you will have the best defense possible if there is a trial.


Facing criminal charges is an incredibly frightening experience.  Nobody enjoys the idea of the possibility of spending time in prison.  Finding a good defense attorney will help you examine all available options and make the best possible choice for the strategy of your defense.


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